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How to Use Snapguide to Promote Your Mobile App

If you’re promoting a mobile app, you probably are taking the usual steps to publicize it. You’re telling friends and family about it and asking them to spread the word. You’re creating Facebook and Twitter pages and a simple website. And you’re trying to get some PR and hoping it will be a Featured App on the app store.

Snapguide provides another avenue for promoting a mobile app that is not yet well known. At Snapguide, people create and share how-to guides using slide show-style tutorials. The guides aren’t limited to one focus point, either. There’s everything from cooking guides to automotive guides to technology guides. Many of the technology guides are for mobile devices.

So why are marketers and developers creating how-to guides on Snapguide?

Because it’s a good, fast growing platform, with triple digit growth as of February 2013. The guides are simple, beautiful, and short, which helps the apps look more appealing. Each guide title is limited to 50 characters (after the words “How to”), and each step has a limit of 200 characters.

Let’s check out some examples of marketers using Snapguide, and then we’ll get into creating your own successful guide.

Some Examples of Marketers on Snapguide

Let’s take a look at user Barney L:

snapguide user barney

As we can see under his name, Barney’s bio points to an app. Upon clicking, we see his app is called Easy Square:

itunes app easy square

From the profile, we can see some of the guides he has created:

barney snapguide guides

We can see that Barney has created 6 guides, each dealing with iOS. Wisely, his app isn’t featured in every guide, since that can be considered spamming. His most popular guide, which has garnered over 80,000 views, is about his app. The guide demonstrates his app:

Check out How to Fit Your Whole Photo on Instagram Without Cropping by Barney L on Snapguide.

Note that Barney writes iOS guides. He wants people who would be interested in his app to view his guides, so he sticks to a content area where he can get a target audience to view his profile.

Here’s another user under the name TappyTaps Apps:

tappytaps apps snapguide

They’ve written 5 guides, all of which feature their app. Their most popular guide has a little over 10,000 views, and it demonstrates how their product works.

Creating Your Own Successful Snapguide

After you have created a Snapguide account, you can create guides using any iOS device. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The title you choose is of utmost importance. The key is to keep it succinct yet descriptive, but also intriguing enough for the visitor. They won’t take time to deliberate about clicking on your guide. They either will or they won’t. Know the audience, and know what will interest them.
  • The first slide you choose will be used in the screencap. So it will be one of the deciding factors that determines whether a visitor views your guide. If it’s not a descriptive picture and doesn’t go along with the title, you will have trouble convincing visitors to click on your guide.

To create a guide, open the Snapguide app:

snapguide app home

And tap on Create:

snapguide create guide

Now comes an important part. This is where we form our title. As you can see, the “How to” beginning is set for us already, so we just need to complete the rest. Keep in mind that we’re limited to 50 characters. My guide will be about the KISSmetrics Google Analytics app called My Analytics. For this test, I’ll call the guide How to View Google Analytics on the Go. It includes the product name, Google Analytics, which will be recognized by the target audience; and it tells of a benefit, viewing it on the go.

Here we have our title set up:

snapguide title app

I hit Next, and I’m set up in the Editor:

snapguide editor app

From here, I’ll add the supply of an iPhone or iPod Touch:

snapguide add supplies app

I’ll add a short summary and explain the benefits:

snapguide add summary explain benefits

Now we need to add some steps. So we tap on “Add + Step”:

snapguide add step

We’ll select photos:

snapguide add

And I’ll take a photo of the My Analytics app from the app store:

myanalytics app store

Then I’ll add that photo to the first step along with the text. With this text, we want to keep it short and to the point:

Then I add step two:

And I continue adding pictures and steps:

For now, we’ll keep the guide simple; we won’t demo the entire app. So now I’m back to looking at the Editor:

snapguide editor

I tap on Next:

snapguide app cover photo

And I choose a topic by tapping the button.

If I want to change my cover photo, I just tap on the image:

snapguide app change cover photo

If everything looks okay, I just tap on Publish.

Snapguide reviews each submission before it makes it to their website, so it won’t appear on the Snapguide website or app right away.

Once it does, you can take the HTML code and embed it on your website to show users how easy it is to view Google Analytics on the go.

Promoting Your Snapguides

Here are a few ideas for promoting your Snapguides:

  • Guides Must be Awesome and Useful – If you create great guides, Snapguide may choose one of yours as a Featured Guide.
  • Add a Link to Your Website – You can add a link with the text Check out Our iOS Guides! and link it to your Snapguide page. You can also add this link to your Facebook page.
  • Embed in How it Works Page – If your app has a How it Works page, you can embed a few short guides to show users how to complete a certain task within your app.
  • Work in the Snapguide Ecosystem – Snapguide is a social network. People can follow, like, and comment on guides. Since the marketers need to get the word out about their guides, doing basic things like following profiles similar to yours and commenting on guides that are in the same interest area as yours can help. When commenting, it’s very important to not write generic statements such as Great guide! Will help a lot! Instead, offer specific and valuable feedback. Participating like this may help get your guides more views, and in the end, more app downloads.

A Few Final Words…

There are many different channels for promoting a mobile app. Snapguide is one of the better outlets because it allows prospective customers to view a product demonstration and see how your product works. When customers view a guide, they’ll be able to understand the product and what value it provides. They’ll be off to a much better start with the app than if they hadn’t viewed a guide.

For both you and consumers, discovering and learning about your app on Snapguide is preferable to discovering it on another platform such as Twitter. While finding out about an app via Twitter is great, consumers have to be curious enough to research how it works. If they find it via Snapguide, they don’t have to go anywhere to see a demo. They can view a quick guide.

Any feedback on this post? Let me know about it in the comments!

About the Author: Zach Bulygo is a blogger for KISSmetrics, you can find him on Twitter here. You can also follow him on Google+.

  1. Wow! Great advice, Zach! This article is SO detailed that I feel PUMPED to use it right away! Personally, as a consumer, I’d love to see a guide of an app before downloading it. There have been SO many times in which I see the screen caps and read the reviews, but it’s just not enough info for me, but I end up downloading it anyway and trying to figure it out on my own. But with this, this makes the process a lot easier and FUN! Thanks so much for the great overview! :)

    • Awesome Morgan! I’m glad this blog post was helpful for you.

      Yeah, I think Snapguide provides a big benefit for both marketers and consumers. Marketers can demo their product on a third-party platform while consumers can view it and understand how it works before downloading it. It’s a great discovery tool.

  2. Thank you for interesting information. It would help me in my job (I am marketer). I must agree all comentators, Snapguide = benefits.

  3. Rekha Chauhan Sep 22, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    You gave a very helpful and useful information.Its easy to learn about this app through the snapshots.

  4. I think one of the best ways to promote your app is to get it reviewed and published on major online app publications. The best advice is to keep going and never stop promoting your app!

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