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How Up-to-Date is Your Social Media Marketing Expertise?

How well do you know your social media marketing? Test your knowledge on the latest developments. This one is a bit tricky!

Today’s quiz was created by . Chris is the VP of Strategy at Fit Marketing, an inbound marketing company that helps companies hack their growth. You can request a free consultation with him here.

  1. luisfernandes May 03, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    Boo..This quiz is not mobile friendly.

  2. This was amazing quiz Neil. Creating such user interactive stuff is amazing idea to increase user engagement and reduce bounce rate :)

    Love the way you use small small tweaks to boost traffic of your website!

  3. Where is the quiz link btw? Tough to find on this page.

  4. I didn’t score very high.. 57%. Im not that savvy but I follow the news. hahaha

  5. Oh dear. I didn’t do too well at that – definitely more studying needed! Interesting questions to help keep up-to-date though.

  6. Wow, this is a nice way to test your knowledge. I didn´t do that bad (depends of course on the benchmark). Thanks for sharing

  7. Wow,this is amazing, I did the test some what OK, But I need to update more about social media marketing. Thanks a lot for sharing this.,


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