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Social Media Monitoring Tools

Oneforty recently surveyed 150 social media professionals to learn about what their main concerns were when it came to social media monitoring. What follows is an infographic we did in partnership with oneforty to show you their main questions, as well as favorite social media monitoring tools. The list of tools at the bottom shows the most popular tools according to survey respondents who answered a question regarding which tools they use.

Click on the infographic below to see an enlarged view:

Social Media Monitoring Tools

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  1. Social media has been recognized for the way in which it has changed how public relations professionals conduct their jobs. It has provided an open arena where people are free to exchange ideas on companies, brands and products. Thanks.

  2. Love this one. We have been testing a few tools ourselves but we had not come across some of the ones mentioned in the infographics so thanks for creating it and sharing it.

  3. He Guys, there is a startup from Belgium, I believe you should test them too.

  4. Just read about a new social media monitoring tool Social Defender at :

  5. Please also consider including SocialMotus. We’re a new, free social management tool platform for businesses and individuals. We’re building some innovative and powerful conversion tracking and social management features including priority messages inbox, targeted Twitter followers discovery, sales conversions by posts and much more.

    You can review it by signing up for free here or emailing me for more information.

  6. Very informative analysis on the use of Social Media monitoring tools by marketers. We have just released our 2012 Social Media Monitoring Buyer’s Guide. We chose from under 60 vendors of Social Media Monitoring tools, which were selected using the following criteria: 1) The tool must be Enterprise level 2) The tools must be paid and 3) Tools must have cross-channel coverage.

    Based on these criteria, we whittled down our initial list and reached out to 12 vendors for sales demos. After the demos, we chose five Social Media Monitoring tools as finalists to be trialed based on a series of stated capabilities.

    You can download a free copy of the Buyer’s Guide on our site We would appreciate the feedback and comments!

  7. Informative inforgraphic. thanks for sharing

  8. I was unaware that so many of the tools are free. Thank you for the info.

  9. Hi,

    I like the info that most of the people are investing $100 or less on each month in softwares.

    Thank you


  10. This is a most great full article for everyone. Thanks for your great work!

  11. Veooz is another free social media monitoring and sentiment analysis tool.

  12. There is some really interesting data here, though I’m surprised to see some of the top paid tools not included – namely Brandwatch, Synthesio and Sysomos.

    It’s a shame to see how many people feel that their tool is only ‘okay’. Maybe they’re using the wrong tool ;)

    Anyway, useful infographic, thanks for sharing!

    Jasmine (Community Manager, Brandwatch)

  13. Great post! I think your input on the various social media monitoring tools is really helpful.

    Although your infographic on social media monitoring tools was extensive, I wanted to highlight a free tool called, “Buzz Equity.” It’s a real-time social media search platform where you can search for mentions of a brand on an extensive list of frequented social media websites. A key feature of this tool is that it incorporates Chinese and Asian social platforms, so if you are interested in those markets you really must try it out. Anyway, the URL is:
    They also have a professional version for a monthly cost of $19.95.

  14. Jasmine’s question is spot on. I just completed a deep dive analysis across dozens of reviews, 12 Forrester reports, Gartner, Goldbach, Fresh Networks, blogs and voices in the SM space, LinkedIn Groups and Quora threads. Sysomos Heartbeat and Brandwatch repeatedly come up as good value for the dollar entrants. I like some of the others in this infographic, but it’s missing major players. Can’t share it with obvious gaps like that.

  15. Hi,

    Can any of you suggest me a tool, that enables you to download the posts that the tool monitors. To sort of manage like a database. Let me know

    • Hi Pavithra, If you are still looking for a social media intelligence system. I represent a company call webfluenz and we are a social media listening, monitoring, analysis, engagement and publishing platform. We can help you out with your requirement.
      Please reach out to me at for further conversation.


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  17. Hi, that’s a great infographic! Would really like a 2013 update, because SM is a fast-paced industry and there’s a number of options that’ll shut down pretty soon like Google Reader or Tweetdeck. And also there are new tools that came to the market during the last year like buzzbundle – I’m sure it’s to be included.

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  19. Currently Social Media is quickly becoming a main focus of marketing for small businesses. so we can easily monitoring traffic with this tool. Thank you for sharing he wonderful information. amazing.:)

  20. Hi, very cool infographic.
    Would you be interested in reviewing a new Social media monitoring tool? You may find it at the following address:
    Thank you.

  21. The challenge with social media monitoring is the definitions and automated assessment of colloquial terms, definitions, misspellings etc. All at present cause trouble for SMM software to provide a real accurate picture for marketers, especially for niche sectors.

    Good to see the views of other marketers though…

  22. social media monitoring Tools have made the social media very effective and reliable as well. The list of tools shown above are the most popular tools according to survey respondents who answered a question regarding which tools they use. I really found the blog very informative to the utmost.

  23. haseeb soomro Nov 14, 2013 at 12:52 am

    hello. .. . great post i like your post. i have learned so many things about social media marketing, i also want to share good point about social media marketing.

  24. From my perspective social media monitoring tool should:
    – come together with SEO Monitoring and Analysis,
    – monitor what people talk about my products/solutions/services
    – have strong call to action and not be a passive tool
    – help me find best conversion funnels
    This is the standard for small business, startup or medium ecommerce.
    Taking that into account, I have to say that I’m quite surprise that 2x 20% users spend more than $100 per month on SMM tools. I don’t see any justification on spanding more money on fancier tool. You can find plenty of tools doing their job without spending too much (for example: But the infographic is awesome, I would only like to know what “social media professionals” mean exactly.

  25. Thanks! Very Complete informations for Social media Tools.

  26. You guys must also include in your list. We have very powerful features on Social Media Management, Marketing and Analytics. A must check out site if you are working in this space.

  27. A great list but you missed out a really neat tool called Leadamo. Not only does it manage social media but also suggests what SME’s should be doing. They also provide free training on all aspects of twitter at their academy which shows real commitment to empowering users. Leadamo should definitely be included.

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