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If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Stealing

How the Internet has created a culture of plagiarism, why it’s a good thing—and the secret to copying and being copied without going under. In September of 1993, version 1 of the program dubbed “the Internet’s killer app” was released. It…

What Google’s Nexus One Can Teach Us about E-Commerce

The Nexus One might be Google’s most extraordinary flop yet. The phone itself was great, with excellent hardware and functionality, but the e-commerce strategy Google attempted to employ failed miserably, with their online store closing less than eight months after opening. But as…

Are you viral?

Have you found it hard to make your website viral? We have had this pain for years, which is why we decided to create Product Planner. So what’s Product Planner? Product Planner was born out of the need to…