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How to Track the ROI of Your Online Advertising Campaigns

What if you could know that for every $1 invested in online ads, you’re pulling $10 back? With Kissmetrics you can.

Here’s how we connect the dots between ads and revenue, in step by step detail:

step by step ROI of paid ads

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Online Advertising Channels that Kissmetrics Can Track ROI for:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Stumbleupon Paid Discovery
  • Reddit Ads
  • Twitter Promoted Tweet
  • Yahoo! Bing Network
  • Any banner advertising or ad networks

Kissmetrics doesn’t just track whether your ads convert or not. We go beyond that. Kissmetrics allows you to:

  • Track customers who originated from paid search – at any point in time. Even customers who came from a Pay-Per-Click ad last month, but didn’t make a purchase until today.
  • Easily determine which paid advertising sources are bringing you the best ROI.
  • Determine which advertising sources bring in your best customers for life. The ones that make multiple purchases or subscribe the longest. That’s right – we track the lifetime value of your customers for you.

Are you only looking to see who converts from a paid ad on a day-to-day or per session basis?

A common mistake is to look at paid advertising on a day-to-day basis or a per session basis. It’s quite possible that your ads are delivering more return than you think.

What about visitors that came from an online advertisement, but decide to leave and come back another day?

Would you count that advertising opportunity as a loss?

What if they made a purchase two weeks from now?

And finally, consider this scenario:

What if the customer first found about your website through a Google search, and then came back to your website a few days later through a Google Pay-Per-Click advertisement?

Kissmetrics gives you this knowledge. By delivering the complete picture of where your customers are coming from you can determine what marketing campaigns have the greatest effect on your business.

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About The Author: Sean Work is the Director of Marketing at Kissmetrics.

  1. Did I miss something? How can I measure ROI with no advertising spend data? Does Kissmetrics import data for the amount spent for advertising campaings AdWords, Facebook, YouTube?

    • Hi Andrei,
      Apologies for the (very very) late reply.

      Kissmetrics does track revenue data. It is tracked as a property. So if a person comes from an AdWords campaign and makes a $50 dollar purchase, that data is recorded and tied to them.

      Stuff like this does need some help from a developer though.


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