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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-15

  • 6 Credit Card Processing Facts Nobody Tells You #
  • 15 Key Elements All Top Web Sites Should Have #
  • @JamesProud Thank you for the kind words :) Please let us know if you have any requests. #
  • How to think of your website as a series of places and tasks to improve your web analytics strategy. #
  • @brainopera We would love to hear the types of “social web metrics” you are trying to track / understand. Anything specific? #
  • @brainopera We’re working on something like that, let’s talk. Shoot us a DM or email at hello at so we can fill you in. #
  • Oldie but goodie – The early days: How 37signals built buzz out of the gate #
  1. Essays like this are so important to broadening people’s horizons.

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