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The Web Analytics Review

Hundreds of thousands of websites across the globe have participated in Google’s ongoing study of web browsing behavior. So far, the results of the study have been very insightful. For example, global bounce rates and average time-on-site metrics are decreasing. In the operating systems wars, the Macintosh market share is steadily growing, while the Windows market share is dropping. Dig into the data presented below to discover global web usage trends.

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The 2011 Web Analytics Review

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Facts and Stats to Tweet:

  • Worldwide pages/visits have decreased from 4.9 to 4.5. »tweet«
  • Worldwide bounce rates have decreased from 48.2% to 47.0%. »tweet«
  • Worldwide average time on site has decreased from 5:49 to 4:50. »tweet«
  • Websites based in China have the highest bounce rates in the world at 58%. »tweet«
  • Websites based in Aruba and Saint Lucia have the lowest bounce rates in the world at 30%. »tweet«
  • Worldwide direct traffic to websites has increased from 36.5% to 36.8% (when compared to all forms of web traffic). »tweet«
  • Worldwide search engine traffic to websites has increased from 27% to 28% (when compared to all forms of web traffic). »tweet«
  1. some critical data seems to have decreased eh?

  2. Is there any data on which traffic (depending on the source – direct or referral or search engine.) gives more conversion?


    • Hi Joe!

      Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure if there’s any hard data on which produces more conversions.

      The best thing to do is experiment with your site and see what works best for you. KISSmetrics can easily help you determine where your highest-converting users are coming from. Try it for free:

  3. anthony deepkut Aug 09, 2011 at 9:46 am

    Sounds like the world is becoming more ADD on the web.

  4. Nice to see there are also visitors from Israel that enjoy the site:)

  5. Does this data refer to the American time i.e. is looking at November to Fenruary or the English so looking at Jan to Jan?


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