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Webinar 53 Recap: The Tools to Turn Your Mobile App into a Booming Business

Last week I was honored to be the invited guest on a #KISSWebinar with Dan McGaw. The webinar was titled: Making Sense of the Messy State of Mobile App Marketing and it seems to have gone really well. Lots of people attended and seemed to derive genuine value out of it.

One of the mistakes was not having a resources slide at the end – something that highlighted all of the recommended tools and companies I mentioned in the webinar. So that’s what this blog post is about.

To be clear, this is by no means, in any way, not even remotely… an exhaustive list of possible partners to engage with when working on your app marketing. But it is a list of my favorites in a number of silos, sometimes based on deep personal experience sometime triangulated from what I’m hearing with my ear to the ground.

You can find the slides and recording of the webinar here:

List of Mentioned Tools/Companies:

  1. App Marketing Daily – hacker news clone for all things app marketing.
  2. – Create interactive ads for your app, so potential players not only watch a video but actually play a demo in a publisher app.
  3. ShareThrough – Building native ads for your app, billed as the world’s largest in feed ad exchange. Works for in feed native apps on the web and in app.
  4. AppsGoneFree – An app that lists all the apps that went free that day. Allows for sponsorship as a promoted app, provides WAY better users than standard app of the day companies because so much of the content is legitimately organic.
  5. Tapstream – For attribution, understanding which marketing channels drive your downloads. Tapstream provides the best product at the lowest price. Also for your deep links. Tapstream is the only company I know of offering deep links that work the FIRST time the user launches the app, so no longer just a re-engagement tool.
  6. AppLinks – Facebook’s open source project to drive mass adoption of deep links with in the mobile app ecosystem.
  7. Swrve – In app segmentation, auto-messaging and A/B testing. Great set of tools for a sophisticated app marketer.
  8. Vungle – Market leader in the video ads space.
  9. MoPub – Now owned by twitter, but probably the biggest DSP in the world. Great place to find ads, sell ads, pretty much do anything to do with mobile ads. Resembles a Dr. Seuss car, has an appendage for everything.

Of course, tell me where I’m wrong, what I’m missed or all about your new hotness either in the comments on twitter at @mackflavelle.

  1. I was looking to learn more about mobile app marketing, thx for the tips

  2. I have started mobile apps development, and this post helps me a lot., thanks for sharing this post.,

  3. Point number nine is not accurate; Mopub is not a DSP. Mopub is a mobile ad exchange. Advertisers use DSPs, like Pockemath and Human Demand, to access Mopub’s inventory.

    Otherwise, I found this a useful piece of content.



  4. Excellent webinar, I had so many insights listening to it. Everything you guys do crushes it!


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