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Webinar #8 – Discover How Your Competitors are Using A/B Testing

Wouldn’t you love to know how everyone else is using A/B testing to build their business? Which tools do they use? How often do they test? What kind of return do other people get?

You see, there’s a huge benefit to understanding how most people use A/B testing. It helps us benchmark how well we’re doing with our own business. It also shows us what to expect from our competitors. And even if one competitor is ahead of the curve, the rest of your industry probably isn’t.

For our next webinar, we’ll be showing you current data on questions like these:

  • How much extra revenue do companies get from their A/B testing?
  • How often do they test?
  • Are the conversion rate increases usually worth it?

But where are we getting our data?

I just finished building a survey that will give you all sorts of great insights into these questions. We’re spreading this survey far and wide in our quest to find out how people REALLY use A/B testing (instead of what they SAY they do in order to sound super smart on their blogs).

To get high-quality data, we’re putting the survey right before the webinar registration. So those of you that complete the survey will get access to the webinar and be able to reserve your spot.

It gets even better…

During the webinar, we’re going to go through the results. Once we know where you are, I’m going to customize the entire webinar to help you get to the next level. By the end of the webinar, you’ll know how to get the best return from your A/B testing efforts with the least amount of work. I’m going to put together every tactic, process, and insight that matches your needs. You’ll get my whole bag of tricks.

By filling out the survey, you’ll tell me what content will help you the most. I’m going to build the entire webinar to solve the problems you’re going through right now.

And this isn’t some 50-question soul-sucking survey of doom. It’s 11 questions. And 8 of those questions are multiple choice. It will take you 4 minutes to complete. Seriously. 4 minutes.

Here’s how this is going to work:

  1. Complete this survey
  2. At the end of the survey click the “Done” button ←–this is super important
  3. Register for the webinar

I’m going to close the survey on Tuesday, August 21 at Noon PDT. So fill it out while there’s still time!

Once you’ve registered for the webinar, you’ll get an email with all the juicy info on how to join next week.

In case you’re wondering, you HAVE to take the survey to get access to the webinar.

When was the webinar?

Presenter: Lars Lofgren
Format: An amazing journey into the world of A/B Testing with Q&A at the end.
Day: Friday, August 24th 2012
Time: 10 AM PDT – GMT-08:00 Pacific Time (US and Canada);Tijuana

How do I sign up?

To take the survey, click here on the button below:

webinar sign up

Or just click on the link below:

If you have any questions please contact Sean Work or Lars Lofgren for information.

  1. sounded interesting! but i’m on mobile and you are asking me to fill out two pages of questions before registering!

  2. A/B testing is very useful technique to examine the competition between competitors of same businesses. This testing is mostly used in web designing businesses. there are some specific tools which are used to calculate the competition.


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