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With The New KISSmetrics, You’re Going To Be Brilliant!

We have a secret: KISSmetrics is much more than an analytics company. We’re a “make our smart customers even smarter” company, and we’re really excited to share with you the new capabilities we’ve added. You’re going to be brilliant!

We’ve helped thousands of web-based businesses measure their conversion rates, discover more about their customers, and improve their businesses. And after three years and 25 terabytes of data processed, we’ve learned a few important things from you, our customers:

  • It’s not enough to know conversion rates or monthly revenues – it’s critical to constantly act upon that data, iterate, and evaluate the success of your changes.
  • Constant improvement is hard for everyone. You need to stay focused on your objectives and keep your whole team in sync – but, of course, you’re constantly facing the day-to-day challenges of running your business.
  • We need a balance: the short easy-to-scan summary and the deep-dive into our powerful funnel reports.

We took these learnings and turned them into the new capabilities we released last week. Read on and learn about the new things you’ll be able to do and learn with KISSmetrics today.

What’s New?

Dashboards Displaying Metrics That Matter

web analytics dashboard metrics

Confession: we like looking at that trend line showing the number of visits received this week or this month, too. But within a matter of seconds the excitement wears off and we start wondering about the things that really drive our business:  Revenue. Customers. Prospects.

At KISSmetrics we believe there are far more important metrics that you should focus your attention on and they should be the first thing you see in the morning. Wouldn’t you rather see head-smacking metrics like:

  • Average Revenue Per Person?
  • Time to Activation?
  • Average Subscription Length?
  • Cancellations? (ouch..maybe not)

Focus on the metrics that matter and you’ll be armed to make smarter decisions about your product development and marketing!

Design Your Own Metrics

customize and add new metrics

KISSmetrics automatically suggests metrics that (almost) all businesses should be measuring.

But we also know that all businesses are unique and you’ll have key metrics that are unique to you. That’s why we have given you the ability to add the custom metrics you need.

Reach Goals With Objectives

KISSmetrics Objectives

Nothing clarifies your thinking like seeing “here’s where we started” and “here’s where we need to be.”

That’s why we’re making our analytics objective-oriented.  You tell us what your most critical objective is, we’ll make sure you’re measuring the right things, and suggest specific goals for you and your team to strive for. That’s a recipe for success!

Our Core Hasn’t Changed: People Not Pageviews

People Pay You. Not Pageviews

The one thing we didn’t change was our core principal of measuring people and not pageviews. This is what makes KISSmetrics different from other analytics packages and gives us the ability to release features that drive businesses forward.

Most analytics packages think in terms of visitors and pageviews.  It’s certainly a lot easier to track those statistics.  But do they really matter to your business?

As an analytical thinker, you need to question how good your data is and what it really means. So naturally the question came about “What is a visitor, really?” and “What really is a pageview, really?”

Most analytics software track IP addresses or browser cookies.  So if you were interested in tracking what computers visited your website on a daily basis, then this method of tracking would be sufficient.

At KISSmetrics, we think it’s more important to understand the behaviors of actual people. That’s why we tie together the activities that your customers do across multiple computers, browsers, and visits.  We even keep track of what your visitors do before they become customers so you can see the entire lifecycle of their relationship with your site!

This problem of tracking and measuring real people has been solved with KISSmetrics for the past two years. But with our latest enhancements of KISSmetrics, we have taken our core benefit to another level. We encourage you to come experience this for yourself.

Wait, What About Conversion Funnels?

Don’t worry, we still have the best funnel tool in the industry.  And stay tuned, we’ve got a lot more coming…

Check Out The New Public Facing Website

The New KISSmetrics Public Facing Website

The celebration wouldn’t be complete without a facelift to our public facing website. We would love to hear your comments, critiques on our new design.

Start A Free 30 Day Trial

We would like to invite you to enjoy the powerful new KISSmetrics. Just take a moment to sign up and you’ll be on your way to improving the metrics that matter for your business.

Does your site have a huge number of active customers?  Congratulations! We can handle it. KISSmetrics is already serving a number of customers who are sending us the actions of millions of customers per day. Please contact us here for more information.

  1. Congrats on the improvement, can’t wait to start using this stuff.

    • Nathan Gilmore Jul 07, 2011 at 12:38 pm

      Awesome! Really looking forward to playing with the new updates. This is really going to take your product to a new level :)

  2. I remember asking for a lower price point to jump into kissmetrics for my new start up and now I can finally afford to try you out!.

    With the new dashboard I feel that you are now a better fit than performable for our company and im confident you will continue to grow to suit our needs as time goes on.

    Quick question can you please tell me where you got the “slide down” you used on your blog that ask just asked me to share as I scrolled down? I really want to use it for my blog and this is the second time I’ve seen it.

  3. KISSmetrics offer a nice and improve way to monitor the updates on your blogs. I’m really glad I cam across this site!

    – Jack Leak


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